VETRO No. 19 Gel Pods - 486 Pink Sunset

VETRO No. 19 Gel Pods - 486 Pink Sunset

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Please note: This is a PROFESSIONAL ONLY product and should not be purchased for home use. Professional training is required for proper use, and the chemicals in the product can do harm to your skin/nails if used improperly. Refunds will not be given for untrained individuals not happy about product results.

-SUNSET CHILL Collection- 

Sheer greyish pink beige. Pinker than VL398.

Type: Sheer
Texture: Soft
Hue: Pink

Texture types and best-suited art specifications:
★ Soft - Least pigmented. Suitable for one-colour nails, ombre designs.
★★ Medium - Brilliant colouring. The most versatile texture and great for a wide variety of artwork.
★★★ Hard - Intensely pigmented. Ideal for paint art and line works, it applies like acrylic paints.